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What are Earbuds?

Earbuds are a special type of earphone that uses True Wireless Stereo or TWS technology for connectivity. True Wireless Stereo (TWS) uses Bluetooth signals instead of wires or cables to transfer sound. Depending on the brand and type they support different Bluetooth versions. Namely Bluetooth 4.0, 4.1, 5.0, 5.1, and BT5Xe. TWS earbuds usually come with a holding case that also doubles as a charging case for the earbuds. The case has an inbuilt battery that can charge the earbuds multiple times and is used to charge the earbud. The case has either a micro USB or USB Type C PD port to charge its battery. There are a few Gaming TWS earbuds that feature specialized RGB lighting indicators.


How do Earbuds work?

Depending on the brand and the accessory in question, different TWS devices connect to media sources in different ways. Many TWS earphones use a single earbud as the primary connection between the media source and the second bud. Earbud one sends a signal to the source device, connects, and then the source device forwards the same signal onto bud two, providing an immersive surround-sound experience. Other types establish a connection between the earbuds first so the media source device can connect to them both. From there, the integrated Bluetooth chip sends audio simultaneously to earbuds one and two. This prevents undue strain on only one earbud, improves connection strength, and provides clearer audio.

Tips to remember before buying Earbuds

Everyone wants to get the best one within their budget. No matter what budget range you are in there are many TWS earbuds available. To find out the best match remember these tips.


The TWS earbud must have a comfortable design and the right fit alongside comfortable ergonomics.


Make sure the earbud case has a battery strong enough of charging each earbud at least twice or more. The earbud’s internal battery should not be lower than 25 mAh.


The Earbud must support Bluetooth 4.0 or higher. Because older Bluetooth 3.0 earbuds have severe latency and audio distortion issues.

How are True Wireless Earbuds different than regular Earphones?

Now as we have mentioned earlier, TWS earbuds utilize True wireless technology for transmitting sound which eliminates the need for wires. Making it convenient and easy to use without worrying about cables getting tangled in pockets or snagging on door handles. Most TWS devices have a Bluetooth range upwards of 30 feet while still keeping a clear connection making them ideal for yard work or exercise. Regular earphones can’t offer that. TWS earbuds are also remarkably easy to pair, easy to use and have a 75 percent longer battery life than traditional wireless earphones. True wireless technology also offers high-quality stereo sound and an immersive clear, crisp surround sound audio experience. Even if users wear just one earbud, they will still have a complete audio experience as the audio isn’t split.

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