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Sari or Saree: A Story of Bangladeshi Culture beyond Bangladesh

Saree: The Essence of Bangladesh Culture

A Saree or Sari is a symbol of Bangladeshi womanhood. A saree is an unstitched stretch of woven fabric, usually 4-8 meters in length, covering the body as a robe with one end tied to the waist while the other end rests over one shoulder as a stole (shawl). Sometimes the midriff is left open. It is a form of ethnic wear in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Many women pin their sarees with dozens of safety pins to prevent falling. But the reality is the opposite. Sari is a Bangladeshi dress that women can wear without using a single safety pin. The overuse of safety pins makes your sari rigid and uncomfortable while walking.

Tips to Choose a Sari That Suits Your Personality

The most loved and famous style of draping a Sari is the Nivi style. But deciding what Sari to wear that gives a perfect look which your heart desires are complicated. Find out from the tips below what Sari suits you the best.

  • Pear-shaped body women wear Chiffon & Georgette Sarees as this creates a balance between the upper and lower body. Try Seedha Pallu Style draping, i.e., put pallu on your right shoulder. Saree in deep colours and small designer work would look great.
  • Apple-shaped body women choose long contrast colour blouses with heavy embroidery work saree. Women can go for a silk saree to look their best.
  • Overweight women should look for sarees that are loose, like chiffon and silk, instead of cotton or any stiff fabric. Full sleeved blouse in dark colour is the best option.
  • Voluptuous figure women can wear a sari made of chiffon, net, or georgette fabric to highlight their curves. A cross-stringed blouse with light embroidery & beadwork on saree will grab all the attention.
  • Slim-figure women can choose a sari that gives them a fuller look, like Cotton, silk and organza. You can select among light colours, heavy embroidery, beadwork, and bold prints with backless, sleeveless, halter or tube neck blouses.
  • Tall and slim women have a variety to play in their sarees. Big, bold prints, heavy borders, various colours, etc., anything they choose will grab attention.
  • Short and slim women should go with a small border as it makes them look taller. Avoid bold and heavy prints, as they can make you look smaller.

Blouses for Your Beautiful Saree

A blouse is a hand-stitched cloth to fit the upper body. Women wear it along with a saree and petticoat. Blouses enhance the charm of any sari. Also, it is considered the grace of Bangladeshi culture. These days, various blouse designs are available, making it fashionable and a piece of cloth that every woman loves to spend money on.

An ill-fit blouse damages the whole look and steals the charm of the saree, drapes, and pleats. It becomes a complete waste of money and time if the blouse could be better.